Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking back on the most life changing year ever!

-Time Line Pieces of 2011-
Dec 31- 2011...On this day 1 year ago I was sitting next to my husband - then fiance ;) - in my Mazda.  We were on a highway in New Mexico.  Matt had flown to Nebraska to pack me up and drive me to where we would live as a married couple.  We had been on the road for a few days by now making the long, 1700 mile or so, trip from Nebraska to California where my new home would be.  It is so bizarre to think that I have been living in California for 1 year now. I just cant wrap my head around it! haha nuts.

March - I have been living in California in a sweet, 1 bedroom, apartment by myself.  Matt would come by most days and we would hang out and have meals together talking about wedding plans and just enjoying the season. This also happens to be the month of my birthday! Matt took me out for sushi!

More March - I make my way back to Nebraska to prepare for the most wonderful day of my life.  On March 27th I would be marrying my prince charming and celebrating with all my special people back home.

We are off to on our honeymoon! A 4-day cruise to the Catalina Islands and Mexico.  It was amazing and I would go on a honeymoon every year if we could.  Wouldn't you like that too?! Lets all go together!
April - This is the month of Matthew's birthday.  As a married couple, and with a joint account, I had to be very sneaky on how I would get him gifts without him knowing. He claims to not like surprises but I love them! 

My dates are starting to get a little fuzzy so...
We went to the rodeo! 
Saw buffalo who were trained to entertain! 
Wore cowboy and cowgirl boots. One of Matts birthday presents! 

My best friend Kelsea came to visit. Soon after she would be headed off to serve the Lord in Uganda for a year! 
Along with Kelsea, and more California friends,we got to spend some time in Auberry! Eating delicious food, enjoying fellowship, and the great outdoors.
Kelsea and I also love...Mexican food! 
Can you say blessed?!? Yes this year was full of blessings! My other best friend made it to California!
We spent the day around San Francisco.  Her - then boyfriend- is now her soon-to-be husband! So cool! I couldn't be happier for those two! I am so excited for how God will use their relationship! 
I have been so blessed by her friendship! I praise God for her all the time. 

We also went to 6 weddings this year! I love weddings so this was so much fun for me.  I love experiencing that special day with people and I love hearing vows again!  It is a moment that can reopen your eyes to see that marriage is not all about you, its about God!  You can honor God better with your lives! Making each other holy! Phew love it. 

We had a lot of our first's this year ( duh its our first year of marriage ) but its still special! I also had my first Thanksgiving and Christmas without my side of the family and in California with Matthews side of the family. I have experienced In n Out and Chick fil e.  Put up the Christmas tree all by myself. Oh and the list could keep going. :) I hope you all look back and see the blessing that God has given you! It's a great way to find joy if you are down and out this season. Talk to you again soon!