Tuesday, November 29, 2011

An Alphabet Blog Post or Not..

Hooray! Today I have the day off. Its been some time since my first post and I am excited to be back! To blog hmm... I do find myself just wanting to talk about the house work I should be tackling, or how much time I have already wasted today, and oh the laundry! Cant forget to wash mine and my hubs work clothes. :)
Anyways I am here to blog and blogging seems to be a sister to the ol pen and paper journal.  I am a firm believer in journaling. I believe it is beneficial in - slowing - down your day amongst a lot of other things like: recording blessings, keeping memories and answered prayers, special moments, what your learning, love notes, etc...  With journaling it causes you to sit down, confront your thoughts, take time to write them down ( or type ;) ). I am always rushing to the next task!
One area where I am really struggling is dedicating intimate time to Gods word! I am always trying to "fit God into my schedule" instead of working my schedule around what God has planned! How backwards am I?!  This would be my prayer request.

 See how writing all these thoughts down is a form of verbal processing? Brownie points for journaling.  Now I am responsible and held accountable to my thoughts and awareness of my constant rushing through life because I am documenting it here today. Phew! I was planning on doing the alphabet challenge when I sat down but my thoughts decided to go elsewhere.

I hope you had a great Monday! Take some time to smell the flowers, feel the sunshine, type a blog post! :) God is good all the time! Thank you God for another day to learn about you, and share your good news!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I will start by introducing myself... My name is Jamie and this is my blog.

I am not sure what all I will blog about but I imagine my topics will surround our Almighty God, my wonderful husband <3, being a wife :), and some updates on the life we live in California.  One more topic I imagine being popular is the beautiful state of Nebraska where I have most of my family and some of my dearest friends.  I was blessed to be born and raised there and just recently relocated to California to follow my loving husband and why not be newly wed in a new environment, right?! Right. :) God is good and has been faithfully providing for us and blessing us here!  I do look forward to Gods plan for us and if it includes a move back to the Midwest but until then I will just have to soak up this California sun and get to know my new California friends, and family.