Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lets talk about life, bay be.

Matt and I put our 30 day notice in at our apartment complex.
WE ARE OFFICIALLY MOVING! It is so exciting as well as a little overwhelming. In the end the excitement totally wins.
We have been living our first year of marriage in a "1 bedroom apartment down on Maple street". Does that line ring a bell? Maybe like a song sung by Lee Brice called Love Like Crazy?
It has been so fun and I know I will share stories from this little place years from now.

We went our first year with no washer and dryer.  Laundry still needed to be done though and it added up so quick! I would drive to a laundry mat and pay almost 4 dollars a load! I took for granted always having units in the home I grew up in. I am so excited for our new apartment that comes with washer and dryer to say the least!  We also had just 3 kitchen table chairs. We would seem to forget we didn't have enough chairs when we would invite another couple over for dinner. Just the silliest thing. Matt would happily sit way above everyone on a barstool his sister had lent us. Anyhoo I could go on and on talking about our time here but...

I wanted to share some meals I have been making lately! I am slowing improving in the kitchen and branching out of my comfort zone. I've only make chicken and hamburger meat since we were wed and last night I made pork chops! Matt's tastes buds probably threw a huge party for the new dish.  It was my day off so I think that helped because I could do some research on the interest and I will be honest; I have found 90 percent of my meal recipes on Pinterest! Along with my pork chops I made twice baked potatoes for the first time too! I love mashed potatoes so I have to say this long, experimental, sweaty, process was worth it in the end.  I thought ahead this time and made more than we needed so we could enjoy them all week! :) Yay left overs!

On a healthier note.  Matt and I like to experiment with juicing and smoothies to pack a bunch of nutrients into a quick drink.  For the past couple of days I would start my day off with my ninja, a cup of coffee in hand of course, and some healthy ingredients! 
In this smoother I put..
1 banana , 1 strawberry yogurt, 1 cup of spinach, a chunk of frozen berries, a few grapes, and a splash of milk.  ( This was all stuff I already had in the fridge )

I blended er up, put her in my cup, and I was off to work! 
It tastes like a strawberry, banana, smoothie. The spinach is so mild you dont know its there until you look down and see green flakes. 
If you can imagine trying to eat all those ingredients separate it would not be fun!  You might even think you are too full to go on and finish that cup of spinach.  ;) 

Have a great week! I cant wait to tell you all about moving and show you some pictures of our new place!